Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Expected That: Follow-up to February 1 Post

It has now been three business days since I sent the e-mail message included at the end of February 1's post. No response. I am not surprised because groups such as “Americans For Truth About Homosexuality” actually aren’t interested in either well-reasoned dialogue or open, unbiased truth about anything.

What concerns me the most is that the members of such groups are teaching their children that it is ok to hate without really knowing what you are hating. That is it ok to oppose whichever Bill of Rights Amendments or Amendment clauses get in the way of your personal ideology. Further, if relevant state or federal laws prove to be inconvenient hindrances to your personal goals, then they, too are to be ignored. Are these the values America can afford to have the next generation of leaders learn? I certainly hope not.

I am seeing the same sorts of twisted logic fueling bizarre remarks and positions being taken on an almost routine basis by Idaho Legislative members. Take the need for improved funding for local Highway Districts (Idaho has hundreds statewide). Out in the wide open countryside, the rural roads are old and increasingly falling apart because they weren’t designed to handle the weight of modern farm trucks or equipment. Last year, during the 2008 Session, one Legislator actually quipped “well, as long as we can still drive around the potholes, we don’t need to fix the roads.” Other comments are too far out there to waste the space to quote, or even paraphrase them.

If these are the values being taught the next generation of America’s business and political leaders, does the US of A still have a viable future?

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Suiiki said...

Unfortunately this is what I've come to expect from today's world. Every day my wife and I read about yet another violation of basic human rights due to willful ignorance, and nothing gets done about it. I'm sure you read plenty of the same news articles Amy reads, and while there is occasionally good news I usually have to spend a night trying to be optimistic so that Amy won't completely give up hope. It's getting harder to deal with it all. But all we can do is raise our own children properly and hope that they will do the same with their children, and so on. Eventually, if the world lasts long enough, everyone will have a head on their shoulders that they "use for more than just growing their hair" as my father would say.